rgb lightning mouse redragon indrah k555

The producer redragon come with the new rgb keyboard k555 on the market.
I tested this product for 4 weeks and here will you find my detailed review of
this gaming keyboard.

Technical Details about the Redragon K555

The mouse have the 104 standard buttons like “asdf”, 6 multimedia button like “next title, last title” and with
5 programmable macro keys. The keyboard have 7-colors and 6-ligthning modes. The connection to the device
is with an USB cable. The case of the keyboard consists of brushed aluminium.The product is splash-proofed.
The technical details in overview:

  • 104 sandard buttons
  • 6 multimedia keys
  • 5 programmable macro keys
  • 6-lightning modes
  • 4-dim-color-modes
  • wired, with a golden USB-cable

My review about the Redragon K555

After unboxing I put the USB into the slot in my pc and after some seconds I could use the keyboard.
For programming and lightning settings you need the software which you can find on the redragon website.
I use on my desktop pc Windows 10.
The keys make a normal click sound.
The keyboard looks really high quality my only problem with the design are the screws in edges. To activate the led lightning you need to press the buttons
FN + the upstairs button left to the NUM block.
You can change the brightness of the keyboard between 4 brightness modes.
In the normal lightning mode the colors change automatically. You can pause a special color if you want.
In costum mode every button of the keyboard can be programmed in another color for example: the “a” in blue , the s in yellow,
The d in red and the f in green.
So you have the possible to bring some keys in special view to find them better in short time. There are also effects for the lightning. First I want to tell you is the wave effect. It starts from the left side with a color and come with the color e.g. red. After the wave is through the next color start from the left side with the green color. After the hole keyboard is Green the next color start. In the next mode color effect the keys in the middle of the keyboard starts to
shine in a rainbow effect with moving to right and the left side of the keyboard.
To undestand these modes I have taken a video to show what I mean.

I hope that are enough information for about the lightning of the keyboard.

Multimedia Keys:

I already said that I use Windows 10 as operating system. I’m hearing music with the windows media player (wmp).
With the board you can control pause/play, start the next title or the last one, stop playing, and change the volume of the system
with a volume up and a volume down button.

G-Buttons / Macro Buttons:

To programm the individual button G1 to G5 you need to press the red (upper right) double circle key to begin macro recording.
Select and press any of the G1-G5 keys. Enter your keystroke combination (such as Ctrl + X).
Press the red (upper right) double circle key to finalize macro recording.

Disadvantages of the Indrah:

Find all information in a short overview:

My big cons for this keyboard is the missing software for the product.
Many other gaming producers like logitech, razer or roccat have a software solution for there
products. Here can you control the programming of the keyboard and create seperate profiles for
e.g. every game. Here you don’t have the possibility to create more than one profile.And for this price range it would be necessary for a software

  • Missing software with overview of the programming

Advantages of the redragon k555:

Find all information in a short overview:

The keyboard comes with a brushed aluminium case with a futuristic style.
The RGB lightning is really impressive and the control of the brightness and the
lightning settings is very good. After plug-in the USB of the keyboard into the jack
its working without installing (Plug&Play).

  • premium design and material
  • RGB lightning with brightness options
  • Plug and Play
  • 5 macro programming keys
  • 6 multimedia keys

Conclusing of the Review of the Redragon Indrah K555:

The Redragon Indrah is a really interesting keyboard with lots of possibilities
for programming of macros and the lightning settings.
The only problem of this board is the missing software for an overview of the
lighting and macro settings and the creating of different profiles for e.g. games or
This keyboard is for people which want a futuristic design of a keyboard with lots of possibilities for lightning the keys and with machanical press.



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