Introduction Redragon Karura K502:

redragon karura k502

Redragon Karura K502

Redragon karura k502 is a gaming keyboard by the gaming hardware giant “Original Equipment manufacturer”. Redragon provides gaming accessories which deliver high quality standards and performance.

Specifications of Redragon Karura K502:

The developmental team at OEM put in their best team to come up with the latest technical features which have been incorporated in this gaming keyboard. The main specification of the keyboard include- 104 standard keys, 7 switchable backlight colours, 4 LED brightness levels, 19 non conflicting keys, 12 multimedia keys, adjustable pulsing rate LED lights, interchangeable arrow keys and WASD keys, adjustable input speed and other such crisp features. The Redragon karura k502 keyboard is compatible with Linux, Win xp, Win 2000, Win vista, Win 7, Win 8, Mac and Win 10. Apart from these features, the technical features of the keyboard include fibre braided cables, gold plated USB connector, and 7 colours of LED backlight. This gaming keyboard is around 1.3 pounds in weight and comes in size specifications of 17.75x8x.75 inches. The new version of the gaming keyboard comes with an improved key feel and rigid case design also.

A consumer opinion:

There are many gaming keyboards, wired or wireless, currently in the market which are making waves because of their high levels of quality and performance. Be it me or any other guy who loves to own a gaming keyboard which has cutting edge features, everyone wants to buy something that’s worth their money and time. Customer reviews about various gaming keyboards on the web are indeed helpful in displaying the pros and cons of these latest gadgets in the market. Here, redragon karura k502 has been crafted keeping in mind what people desire while in the thick of gaming. The keyboard has many specifications and technical features, which can be summed up as following-

Disadvantages of the K502:

The keys of this particular keyboard might actually take a little time to get used to. Some people might like it while others might find that it a little harder than other keyboards. This especially goes for the space bar which I found is harder than the other keys. Pressing a little harder and witnessing some weird sounds while operating the space bar didn’t go well down with me. Other than this some of the lights, especially the upper right corner and the bottom lights are a little brighter than the rest of the lights. It would look much better if the lights exhibit uniformity. I also found that this particular keyboard makes louder sounds than the other keyboards I have used before.

Advantages of the K502:

Apart from the aforementioned disadvantages of Redragon karura k502, there are many advantages that tilt in its favour. The keyboard is not an expensive buy, especially for the power features that it presents to the buyer. With only around $30, this backlit USB gaming keyboard is a good deal actually. One might find the problem with the space bar, but as far as the movement of fingers on the keyboard is concerned, and then it is rather smooth. For the money that it is available for, I would say that it tries to give a more than satisfactory bet. The battery life is also above satisfactory in this case. It has a lot of traction which helps the fingers move smoothly on the keyboard and buttons speak about the design. Other than this, I did a bend test and found that it doesn’t bend much. There are 7 colours for the backlight of the keyboard including red, blue, yellow, green, purple, light blue and white. Switching from one colour to another or adjusting the brightness level is pretty easy here. Other than this one can also lock down the Windows key while gaming for a better experience. The wrist rest built into the keyboard is quite fruitful.



It is a good bet for its cost

Backlighting options are great

Good key grip and traction


The keys could do with a little improvement in quality

Keyboard layout needs time to get used to

A final word:

This high tech gaming keyboard offers a wide gamut of features which make it very user friendly. All in all I would call it a deal which is worth the money that one spends while buying the Redragon karura k502.


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