Redragon Mammoth










pressure point





  • nice price
  • nice design
  • 9 programmable button
  • macroprogramming
  • up to 5 profiles
  • costumize rgb led lightning
  • software for programming
  • 8-piece weight tuning set


  • delay with macros
  • inprecise when dpi is high

Introduction of the Redragon Mammoth:

redragon mammoth

redragon mammoth

Gaming Hardware Company “Original Equipment Manufacturer” came up with their product Redragon Mammoth with the best structure design and technical assets. This high precision laser gaming mouse is aimed to deliver the best experience in gaming and other related areas.

Specifications of Redragon Mammoth:

Redragon Mammoth is a high quality product by this firm which promises a grand mix of quality and performance in their gaming accessories. Here, the gaming mouse Redgraon Mammoth displays some top of the line specifications which include basic as well as state of the art technical features which are meant to target the enthusiastic gaming crowd. It comes with a total of 10 optimized programmable buttons with 16400dpi laser sensor. The gadget comes in 5 colour modes and durable and smooth Teflon speed pads. It has a tuning weight of around 8×2.4 grams and 1000Hz polling rate and 30g acceleration. It also comes with a gold plated USB connector and 6 foot easy to manage braided cable. It is available in white as well as black colour in the market. It is compatible with Win 8, Win 7, Windows 10, Mac, Win Vista and Windows xp. The dimensions of Redragon Mammoth are- 121mm length, 81 mm width and height of 41 mm and the product weight is around 155 grams.

A consumer opinion:

Gaming accessories are something that can totally change the gaming experience of a person. This being said, many people like me want to pick up gaming accessories which are high quality and pocket friendly as well. Wired or wireless, left hand user or a right hander, anyone can use this state of the art gadget. Here, this high precision laser gaming mouse offers a holistic package which many people would find incredible while some might be left asking for more. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Redragon Mammoth.

Disadvantages of the Redragon Mammoth:

the Redragon high speed laser gaming mouse can be a smooth sail for many users while some would find that the gaming mouse produces some lag during the gaming experience. Now, this could be attributed to a particular piece of this otherwise quite smooth gaming mouse. Other than this the other disadvantage that surfaced in a few cases was that because of the high tech look of the gadget, some people take some time to get a comfortable feel of the mouse while using. This can be rated as a subjective issue also, since one usually gets used to the new design of any gadget that a person uses.

Advantages of the Redragon Mammoth:

this extremely good looking gaming mouse comes with 10 programmable buttons which enables the user to have a high quality customised gaming experience. This gaming mouse is definitely one of the most new age technical looking gadgets in the market today. Even the grip it offers is pretty good which enables longer hours of gaming in a very comfortable way. It can be perfectly gripped leading to a better gaming experience. Even the make and the quality of Redragon Mammoth gaming mouse is top in the line. It is as good as other top end gaming mouse currently prevalent in the market. The good quality material used also makes it a durable buy. The feel and the grip of the gaming mouse are very important features; otherwise a person like me is bound to give up an old gaming mouse after a couple of months of use. But with this particular gaming mouse, one can for sure enjoy entertaining rounds of gaming at one go. The cost of this high tech gaming mouse is pretty reasonable for the number of features that is packed up in this powerful gadget.



It is a good bet for its cost of $30

10 programmable buttons for a great gaming experience

Offers the perfect grip while gaming for longer duration

Durable and high in quality


The design might take a little time to get comfortable with

A final word:

This high precision gaming mouse agrees with me on a personal basis since I found it to be absolutely high performance category. The affordable cost at which it is available is yet another added advantage to an otherwise high tech gaming mouse which offers many exciting features for an entertaining gaming experience.


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