Redragon Perdition










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  • cheap
  • many thumb button (12)
  • Nice Design
  • lightning of the logo
  • weight tuning set with 2,4g x 8
  • changing dpi with up and down buttons


  • delay with macros
  • difficult to reach some buttons
  • with small hands impossible to reach all buttons
  • thumb buttons don't make a click sound

Technical Details of the Redragon Perdition:


redragon perdition

  • Length of the cable: 6 foot (+180cm)
  • 18 programmable buttons
  • 16400 dpi Sensor
  • 5 memory profiles
  • 8-piece-weight with 2,4 gramm
  • gold-plated USB connector

The mouse have a 16400 Dpi Sensor, 18 programmable buttons, 5 memory profiles each with
distinct light color for quick identification,
1000Hz polling rate.
The mouse have an gold plated USB connector.
Also the mouse comes with a 8-piece weight set for tuning.
Every of these 8 pieces have 2,4 gramm. So you can change the weight of the mouse.
The mouse is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac.
The Redragon Perdition come in 2 versions. In black and white.
For my test I used the black one. After unboxing the Redragon Perdition I connected the
mouse with my Windows 10 Desktop PC and started watching what happen.
The driver installs automatically and after some seconds I could use the mouse for the first time.
But to use the mouse with the profiles I downloaded the redragon software.
With the software of the Redragon you can personlize the 18 buttons and in each profile.
You also have the possibility to activate/change the led lightning color and have the possibility of 16 Billion Colors. For every profile you can change the sensitivity (dpi), the lightning color, the polling rate between 125Hz and 1000Hz of the 18 buttons. You can program the mouse buttons on the top for adding or subtracting dpi and in this way change the speed of the mouse. The lightning of the mouse changes if you change the dpi setting.
In this I used the this thing if i went into visor in a shooter.
At the first times it was really bad but with the time it gets better and worked great.
12 programmable buttons are at the left side of the mouse and can be pressed with the  right thumb.
The 12 buttons are easy to reach for me and if I’m playing LOL it is really practical with all these buttons.
But not only for gaming are the buttons good. If you work much with office and in the internet you can program the buttons with key combinations and make your working easier. A special thing in the software of redragon is the “fire key” it is a click repetition. You click the button once and you can program how much the action should repeat and the delay of each repeat. It is really helpful with shooter playing.

The redragon perdition is compareable to the logitech g600 and the razer naga.
All of these mouses have much buttons at the left side. But the Redragon Perdition is the cheapest one of them.
The size of the redragon is 118mm x 75mm x 39mm(4.65×2.95×1.54 inch).
The redragon mammoth have teflon feet pads for a good moving on a smooth ground.
You can also use this mouse without a mousepad but I think its better with one.
The lenght of the cable is 6 foot. With this length you can bypass a long range and don’t get problems with the
stretching of the cable. The weight of the mouse is 150 gramm (0,33lbs). The weight is good an feels not to light.
The variable weights 8×2.4gramm are in shaft at the bottom of the mouse with a screwdriver you can put it out and change the weight. For the not in use weights redragon delivers a box.
The form of this mouse is a little confusing for the first times. But after some days it gets really comfortable. On the top of the mouse is the surface rough for a better grip. This feels different but not bad.
I used the mouse in the fingertip grip. The palm is one the mouse pad and with the fingertips you move and click the buttons.  Only bad thing is that the reaching of the last buttons on the left side (7, 8 and 9) is really difficult.
And you don’t have an orientation on which button your thumb is if you don’t look at the mouse.

Disadvantage of Redragon Perdition:

  • With small hands it will be difficult to press all buttons
  • It’s difficult to reach the buttons 7, 8, 9
  • The buttons on the left side don’t create a click sound and you need force to press
  • After a hour the mouse stock up noticeable

Advantage of the Redragon Perdition:

  • Cheap Mouse
  • Very fast Sensor with up to 16400 dpi
  • Polling rate up to 1000Hz for a good connection to the device
  • 18 programmable buttons and 5 profiles for example 5 games
  • programming of macros possible (alt+4 or Strg+Shift+W)
  • For Windows and Mac


The redragon perdition is the cheapest mmo gaming mouse for only $35.
With the fast sensor you have a good advantage 0n all games. With the possibility of creating
macros its very easy to make heavy tasks in gaming and office works very easy.
You can program all the 18 buttons in the way you want and set 5 dpi settings for every profile.
But there are also some negative aspects. The most noticeable one is the stock up throw the lightning after
a hour.


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