Review Of Cyber Power Gamer Dragon 9500

Review Of Cyber Power Gamer Dragon 9500
The blue ray drive that is present indicated that this PC is a media one however understanding from the high quality Radeon graphics it is actually a great one for gaming. May be this PC could be a combination of both media and game PC.

Main Specifications of this PC are as follows;

It possesses a processor of AMD Phenom 2 X4940 with a speed of 3.6 GHz. the memory is 4GB and there is 1terebyte of hard drive storage capacity. This system holds the following optical drives; BD ROM, DVR, RW and the pack does not include a monitor which has to be bought separately. As stated earlier there is a Radeon graphics of 2 GB and the system operates on Windows Vista Home Premium OS.

Cyberpower with the Game Dragon has actually provided PC users with a system of under $ 1500 which is powered by 2 X4940 processor with a speed of 3.6 GHz and it has a watercooler which keeps the temperature of the system down and the large storage capacity of the hard drive and the memory provides a smooth dataflow to be kept.

The interiors of this system are well organized and the combination of the motherboards AMD 790 chip set, processor, graphics card provide a well prepared system.

Inside the pack of the system there is only a mouse and a keyboard and you will have to get the monitor and the speaker separately. The blue ray optical drive w2ill be providing you with a great experience and a high quality colorful and clear viewing as well as sharp sound. For those who are going to entertain themselves with some games than you will be getting maximum resolution as long as you get a nice display. In other words Dragon is a great and muscular game system.

Probably you are wondering about the performance of this PC and it actually is quite good and this could simply be understood from the specifications. For those who are not actually satisfied with the feature the system offers, then all that is required to do is to open the side of the case and there one will find the 6 extra 3.5 inch bays. Additionally the 4GB memory could be extended up to 16GB which would make the system even better than it already is.

There are 4 USB and 1 FireWire ports at the back and an eSATA port. The front panel holds 2 USB ports and 1 more eSATA port.

All in all with a price of just under $ 1500, this system will be offering some great features which could easily be expanded.

Pros: This is a fast operating, highly affordable and easily expandable desktop.

Cons: The WiFi it already comes with is not fast.

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