Does Roccat Aluma offer anything special compared to its competitors? Let’s find out. Roccat Aluma roccat-alumacould be an option for gamers who want to experience the best mobile audio. It is just not simple headset but also the standard is exceeded with best design and quality. Roccat Aluma comes with complete package and with premium features for you. Roccat Aluma is a headset which offers you durability, with powerful audio technology wrapped with aluminum housing material which likes a feather light. You can use Aluma not only for best gaming devices or gaming handheld but also Aluma ideal and best ear headset for you to listening to your favorite music or song via any mobile devices. Aluma equipped with an integrated Y-splitter component. This product is a fully loaded and adaptable because this product supplied with best and premium features. Here the list of the feature that you can get while you using Roccat Aluma:

  • Overwhelming Audio, the Roccat Aluma supplied with a premium build with aluminum housing. Roccat Aluma not only handled with gaming but also this premium ear headset will fondle you and sooth your ear with overwhelming audio, you can listening to your favorite music and song using this ear headset via any devices whether notebook or smartphone.
  • Strong Design the Aluma comes packed with premium features, of course, they promising us with the durable, and also street-proof build quality.
  • In Capable Mic this ear headset equipped with an inline remote control that will help you to answer phone calls, muting music and interacting with your song playlist and make your voice chat with enhanced.
  • Multiple adapters uses for PC, Mac, mobile and airplane use, the ear headphone suitable for any devices whether smartphone, PC, or Mac.
  • Protective Case keeps it safe and ready for use, the packaging also perfect and safe you do not need to worry about the packaging.
  • Perfect fit this ear headset is ergonomic ear tips in three sizes

Here also the specification of the Roccat Aluma ear headset:

Driver Units

  • Frequency response: 20~20.000Hz
  • SPL at 1 kHz: 98dB
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Input power: 5 mW
  • Drive diameter: 08mm
  • Cable length: 1.2m


  • Sensitivity at 1 kHz: -40dB
  • Impedance: 1.6kΩ
  • Directivity: Omni-directional

Dimensions / Weight

  • Weight 34 g

System Requirements

  • 5mm jack socket required (CTIA standard)

My Review about Roccat Aluma Ear Headset:

I tested the product and I found out that Roccat Aluma gives me exciting different innovation of the ear headset. No doubt that Roccat Aluma really good ear headset. This ear headset is good. When I tested the Aluma with my device, the sound of the game really clear and good. First of all, as we can see from the packaging is in good looking hard case, with flap on the right side that allows you to pen up the box and view the ear headset without broke the inner packaging, the packaging is really good. Roccat Aluma is the best option in the gaming world of mobile audio experience. The Roccat Aluma provide consumers with perfect ear headset, they provide durability, supreme or overwhelming sound. You get increased sound quality. I think that Roccat Aluma is the best gaming headset for the gamer it offers the best mix of audio performance and comfort for the money of anything we tested. It’s beautifully built, comfortable on a wide variety of ear, and excellent in sound performance, especially for the price. In fact, you won’t get find much improvement unless you spend more than double what the Roccat Aluma. Perhaps most importantly, the Roccat Aluma is incredibly comfortable ear headset and it can easily be worn for hours on end without any disruption. That, plus its great audio performance, supreme and overwhelming audio made it a good option. I think the features of Roccat Aluma has a nice balance between the space enhancing high-frequency sounds, and nice low-end rumble. I can hear a clear sense of the directions that sounds are coming from, There is a pressure attention on the latter to give a bit of extra kick to action games but not so much that the headset sounds bloated or sloppy the way so many of its competitors do. It sounds great with movies and music, too you can easily listening to your favorite music and watching a movie. So, I think Roccat Aluma is a good choice for you especially for you who really likes playing games.


The sound quality and bass reproduction of in-ear headsets are different from to that offered by full-size headsets. Which affect you when you uses ear headset they can become uncomfortable if you used for extended periods, sometimes ear headset can causing ears to ache or itch. The size of ear headset is smaller than a full-size headset. Cables tend to tangle easily and could be irritating.


One of the greatest advantages of in-ear headsets is they are cheaper than a full-size headset. And the best this is their compact, lightweight design, which makes them easy to store and transport, you can put it anywhere, even in your pockets. Microphone controls are usually built into the cable, making it easy for you to control sound levels, move to the next song and other features that you will get. This headset may be more comfortable for a woman who wear earrings or even they wear glasses. It’s a good quality ear headset can provide good sound.

In conclusion Roccat Aluma it the best choice for you who really like playing games or listening music and watching a movie. Ear headsets are cheaper than other types, but the sound is pretty good with premium performing. And of course, because it has a small size you can bring this ear headset everywhere and it is easy to store. No doubt you should buy Roccat Aluma. It just not a simple ear headset, but is exceeded with best design and quality.


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