Roccat Isku




pressure point




extra buttons







  • nice design
  • lightning of the keys
  • 8-multimedia keys
  • up to 5 different profiles
  • costumizable with software
  • macroprogramming


  • multimedia keys not backlighted
  • high price

A best gaming keyboard with various features:


roccat isku

Having a multicolour keyboard is a best way to identify and use different keys while gaming, so users can find the Roccatlsku is a right product.

Attractive design of Roccat lsku:

The best thing about purchasing this gaming keyboard is the gamers can find the large comfortable wrist test pad, which lets them to relax while gaming. The blue LED backlighting is displays the buttons very clearly and the talk function activates the game mouse. If the users activate the macros, then it can easily change the setting and the less noisy of this keyboard is another facility. Similarly, users can find many benefits while using this gaming keyboard, which thrills them to play the game without any board or frustrating feel.

Technical configuration of Roccat lsku:

It is not like the standard keyboards which lets the users to access only few functionalities, but a gaming keyboard which helps to perform various operations on single click. The ergonomic design of this keyboard is standard and straight, which is very convenient while playing the long mission games. Integrated number pad is another option that helps the gamers to do some tasks without the mouse clicks. It has the UB connection type, so the gamers can connect this device with the Laptop, Desktop or with any gaming consoles that has the USB port. It has totally 123 keys and each one has special function has the backlit. The special keys let the users to select Media, adjust the volume and access the programmable shortcuts. Dimension of this gaming device is 20.4 inches of width and 9.72 inches of diameter, which is very convenient to the gamers. Many of the online critics and the gaming experts have done the Roccat lsku test to identify the working and special features of this device.

What the gamers says about Roccat lsku?

Generally, the gamers are always interested to buy the gaming keyboard with full options and features which can meet their expectation. Many of them used the Roccat lsku keyboard and gave the positive feedback for it. They said that, the mechanical keys deliver an excellent gaming experience for them and they believe that it is good for the overall functionality. Some gamers highly appreciate this keyboard for its impressive design and macro functionality. Gamers, who like to buy this device, can read more Roccat lsku review and positive comments from the internet.

Pros and cons of Roccat lsku:

While launching the gaming devices or gaming keyboards, generally the manufacturers aim some kind of users. However, Roccat lsku is designed for every user and anybody can use this and it will be very useful for the gamers to perform many tasks with single button press. Unluckily, the integrated writs rest pad makes some giant finger print while gaming. It can reduce the look of the keyboard and the fingerprints will stay for even after cleaning them. The low light facility may look bright in the dark places, but in the bright room it would be very difficult to read the keys. Another disappointment about this keyboard is, there is not option to change the backlight color and users cannot adjust it.

However, due to its various features the games never mind about the drawbacks. Instead they started to enjoy with the advanced features like 25 programmable macro keys, profile swaps and the common features like the Roccat talk. Another best facility of this keyboard is it let the users to connect with the gaming mouse to get more controls. Roccatlsku lets the gamers to assign additional macro functions and they can find the record button above the F3. Thumbster option, which is located below the spacebar lets the users cycle the saved profile and calls the customization application.

My Experience with Roccat lsku:

Many gamers complain about the small drawbacks of Roccat Isku wired gaming keyboard, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The reason is, it is far better than with alternate brands and provides some added features. The Roccat talk option let me to connect with other devices to enhance the functionality.



  • Macro recording facility
  • Compatible to windows 7,8 and windows 10
  • Performance & easy to handle


  • Some keys are not backlit
  • A bit expensive

I like and support this product because of the easy customization option and for its attractive design. Additionally, it gives a new gaming experience.

roccat isku

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