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  • nice design
  • costumize led lightning
  • costumize thumb buttons
  • costumize side grip for claw and palm grip
  • replacement parts aviable
  • precise and fast sensor
  • software for programming
  • macro programming


  • Expensive price
  • not wireless for this price
  • need to organize all buttons if you unlock the modular system
roccat nyth review1

roccat nyth

The Roccat Nyth was for  5 weeks in my use.
I used the mouse for my ordinary use. For gaming of shooter and RPGs and for office and
online work. The mouse was in use on my desktop pc with the OS Windows 10.
In this review I want to show what I found out about the mouse.

Technical Details of the Roccat Nyth:


  • 12000 DPI
  • USB-cable lenghts: 1,80 m
  • changing buttons and sidegrips
  • 5 dpi steps possible
  • versions in black and white
  • roccat swarm: software for programming buttons
  • righthander mouse
  • 1000 Hz polling rate
  • 1 ms response
  • cable is coated with stuff

The roccat nyth is changeable. If you buy the mouse you get a set with the different buttons and changing possibilities.


roccat nyth changing button set

You can have 12 buttons at the left side but you can change them against bigger buttons which take the double place and if you only use the big buttons
you can only use 6 buttons on the left side. You have also the possibility to cover a hole horizontal row with no buttons.
And you also have 2 forms of the right side of the mouse.
On the bottom you can click a button an take the side button away.
To sidegrips are connected to the mouse via magnets and so its really easy to change the sidegrips with pulling at the connected sidegrip.
One of the sidegrips is flat and the other one is a little bit rounder.
It is for the different ways to take the mouse.  The claw, palm and fingertip grip.
You can use the mouse in every three types, but I prefer the fingertip grip because you have the best handling about the mouse.
On my opinion its the only mouse where you can change the form and buttons. The mouse comes with a USB cable with a lenghts of 1,8m.
The cable is coated with stuff to make it difficult to damage the cable. The mouse come with a sensor which have a max. sensitivity of 12000dpi.
It’s a Twin-Tech R1 Laser Sensor which is adjustable in 1 dpi steps. Weight of the mouse is 141 g. The dimensions of the mouse are 12,9 x 7,8 x 4,4 cm.

My Review of the Roccat Nyth MMO Gaming Mouse

The roccat nyth comes in roccat standart box. For unpacking the mouse you don’t need a knife or scissors.
The mouse is boxed in a carry case with all the different changing buttons and sitegrips.
The mouse works without software and you can use it with plug and play.
But to change the lighting and the button layout you need the software of roccat, the roccat swarm.
You can download it from the roccat website for free. The software detect the roccat nyth automatically and you can programm your profiles.
You can create so much profiles which you need. The software recognize the used buttons and give you the possibility to program them.For the buttons you can also create profiles for example for games like: Battlefield or League of Legends (LOL).
You can program the buttons with normal commands like “K” or “L” but you also have the possibility to make macro programming like “SHIFT + L” or “ALT + H”. In the tab setting its possible to change the double click speed the dpi steps. You can use up to 5 steps but if you only need 2 or 3 you can deactivate the the other ones. In  the advanced settings you can activate the lightning of the mouse and the other settings of the mouse like changing the colors after a time period , a heartbeat , a breathing or a blinking effect. You can also change the polling rate in this menu.
The steps are 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz and 1000 Hz. You can change many more things in the software but to speak about all of them it takes too much time. Now we will come to my settings I used the mouse in the standart way. With the 12 buttons and I had 4 profiles.
A normal work profile the buttons commanded with macros for copy (STRG + C) and paste (STRG + V) and with many other useful macros like tab change (STRG +  1 ; 2) and so on. And other useful macros. The second profile was for playing League of Legends. Here I take the much buttons to don’t use the keyboard the hole time.  For example the magic commands like (SHIFT + Q ; SHIFT + W ). The last profile was for my video cutting software.
Here I used shortcuts for cutting, editing, visual effects all with macro working and everything with this mouse.
It safed lots of time. The 4th one was for playing Call of Duty. Here I played lots with the dpi setting. Step one was for a sensitivity of 800 dpi, the second one was with 1200 dpi and last one was with a sensitivity of 2000 dpi. I don’t use much more than 2000 dpi because it is to fast for me.

Disadvantages of the Roccat Nyth:

A thing that I don’t understand is why is this mouse still wired ’cause the price is high.
Sure you get the hole modules for changing but in my opinion it would be a great future if the
following model gets an 2,4 Ghz wireless connection. If you want to change only one or two button
you need to unlock the hole modular system and all button falling away and you need to organize all buttons
All disadvantages in overview:

  • need to organize all buttons if you unlock the modular system
  • no wireless for that price

Advantages of the Roccat Gaming Mouse:

The advantages of the mouse are obvious. You have a modular system of buttons for the thumb buttons.
You can change the sidegrips to use the mouse for the palm-grip instead of the claw-grip.
The fast sensor of 12.000 dpi. A nice design and a good grip. In the software you can change many things
and make the program individual.
The cable is special coated to keep the possibility of breaking the connection low.
The left-right button on the mouse can control two actions.
All advantages in overview:

  • modular system for the thumb buttons and the sidgrips
  • 12.000 dpi sensor, fast and accurate
  • Good design
  • Good grip
  • coated cable

Conclusing of the Roccat Nyth Review:

The Roccat Nyth is a high quality mmo gaming mouse with a stiff price of $100 (state: feb. 2016).
This product is for people which want to play games where you need much actions or
if you want to work with complicated key sequences and take them to your mouse.
Also for gaming of shooters is that mouse possible. You have a really fast and precise sensor
and in the software the possibility of up to 6 dpi steps.
You can find the mouse on amazon:

Find the Roccat Nyth for the best price!