Sades is one of the high end gaming producers and the comparation to logitech, razer and roccatare-sades-headsets-good.jpg
the products are really inexpensive. So it is no surprise to pay less than $40 for gaming headset or headphone.
In this post I review my test of the Sades Headset AW50. A bought the product on amazon for $35.
And first question which I asked on the product is this headset good.

Are Sades Headsets good?

This question is hard to answer easy. Everybody have another view for good.
Someone only want the best and pay lots of money for this. Than you get overprised

products or really quality material products. In this way the Sades Headset is
more for people which want the fair cost effectiveness.

Technical details about the Sades Headset AW50

  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 113 ± 3dB at 1kHz
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm at 1khz
  • Plug: USB Plug for sound and LED Lights
  • Cable length: 2.2m
  • Overear Headphone
  • Vibration module: First Press Vibration, Second Enhanced, Third Off
  • Volume Control Button

The sades headset is an overear headset which have padded headrails to keep the wearing really comfortable.
The headset have on every ear a big pad which is big enough that the pads are around the ears if you wearing it.
This way of wearing headphones keep the noise of the enviroment away and if you hearing music or sound of gaming you can’t hearing noise. Thats is really great. The microphone of the MX50 is a really short piece of only 1-2cm.
In this way you have one big advantage: You can’t break the microphone.
The binder is also covered with pads. To costumize the size of headphone you can increase the size of the headphone on the binder on both sides. The connection to the Windows PC or Laptop work in this way:
You plug the USB in USB slot and after some seconds you can use the headset in the full way.
The headset is compatible with win XP, 7, 8 and 10 (tested with virtual maschine).
The headset is also compatible with Mac, Linux and with the Playstation PS4.

My Review of the Sades Headset:

I used the AW50 for 4 weeks and found out many things about the headphone.
I used the headset on my Desktop PC with the OS Windows 10.
I unboxed the AW50 and connected the USB in the back of my desktop pc.
The PC standing 1m beneath the table and the chair.
So I needed a cable of min. 1,5m. The cable of the Sades Headset have a cable lenghts of
around 2,20m. So the cable is perfect to keep the perfect distance to the display and the cable don’t
stretch. The cable is specially coated to complicate a cable break. And on the USB side and the headphone
side is the cable additional fixed that you can’t bend the cable there.
Also the problem of coil or knot which many wired headphones have is not possible with this.
The microphone is a short piece of plastic. Also this is really difficult to damage it unwanted.

Sound Quality and Microphone Quality:

The sound quality of the sades headset AW50 is good.
But in this way I need to say the headphone only have 2 speakers.
So you only have stereo sound with 2×15,5mm speakers.
The max. volume of the speakers is 113db +/- 3%.
This is very loud and not to advise if you want to have a healthy hearing.
The bass is very intensive on this headset. And on the headset is a button for extra bass boosting.
I really like it but someone maybe don’t like it.
But you can change the hardness of the bass in the settings of your OS.
I checked the microphone quality with the echo sound test service of skype.
Many things are not to say about the quality of the mouse.
The sound is really clear and don’t scrape and the bass out of the voice get filtered.

Advantages of the Sades AW50 Headphone:

  • Good sound quality
  • cheap price
  • dampen ambient sounds
  • comfortable fit
  • bass function for more bass
  • coated cable

Disadvantages of the Sades AW50 Headset:

  • heat development after some hours or in the summer


The sades headset aw50 is for people who don’t want to buy a high priced product and
want a solid working product. The sades headset have a good sound and microphone.
The products are not so tough like the plastic used on the logitech or razer products.
And it feels less comfortable at the outside. The inner surface feels really soft and comfortable.
In this way the headset is absolutly perfect for people which don’t want to invest lots of money
for gaming equipment and don’t need programmable buttons on the headphone.

sades headset

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