I have tried some gaming headsets. I really love turtle beach xo four. They will look for the best headset on the market. Turtle-Beach-Ear-Force-XO-Four-Stealth-Gaming-Headset-Xbox-One-0I can provide some information about a nice product here. Even though the item isn’t quite perfect, I will recommend it to all gamers. I’m going to start with the pros and cons first.

Features of the Turtle Headphone

  • It’s deep. The headset is produced to give the best quality audio from the audio adapter of the Xbox.
  • It’s compatible with Xbox Live, Skype, and Xbox One as it comes with a functional removable microphone.
  • Better control. I can adjust chat and game volume for the best audio quality.
  • It’s compact. I’m impressed with its portability so I can carry it anywhere with my consoles.
  • It’s convenient. It’s quite soft and comfortable. The mesh ear cushions are made of fine leather.

Basic Review

Many multiplayer games available this day. I need to get a headset to boost my gaming experience. A headset becomes an important part in gaming. It’s an essential purchase, in fact. Turtle Beach is a good choice for gamers. Perhaps it isn’t a cheap product but it gives lots of benefits. It represents both quality and functionality. This wired stereo headset comes with removable microphones. It has been featured in some games, especially COD: Ghost line.

The headset is quite bulky and it rests well on my ears. I really love its cushioned ear cups. They are made of a high-quality leather band. I can find exterior speaker plates as well on them. I don’t regret spending much money on this headset. The product starts kicking out its competitors on the market. I do really recommend this for gamers. It’s well designed and comfortable.

The turtle beach ear force xo four has a solid design. Just because it’s made of plastic doesn’t mean it’s cheap. I really love the sound it produces. The sound is both clear and crisp. It also gives a great rumble. I wore this headset when playing COD. I was surprised with the sound and vibration. Overall, it’s a cool headset. It will increase the enjoyment of my gaming.


In a nutshell, I do love this headset. However, I have some complaints as well. My biggest disappointment is that the product isn’t suitable for gaming lasting more than 5 hours. Gamers need to take a break after wearing it for gaming. Otherwise, it becomes uncomfortable. The audio may hurt the ears if I wear it too long. This kind of weakness will make the product inferior when compared to its competitors.

I have found some issues related to durability. Rumor has it. The headset can’t withstand the long hours of gaming. The sound is good but it may hurt the head after a few hours of gaming. Not to mention it’s too tight. I think the cups are comfortable but they are too small. The inflexible microphone is another issue. It will remain there so I can’t adjust it freely. Perhaps it is meant for kids. Adults can still enjoy wearing this, though. Thanks to the design and sound quality.

I recommend any people to conduct a turtle beach ear force xo four review before buying. Another thing that I need to point out is the comfort quality. I think it doesn’t give comfortable feeling at all. I wore it to play a game for about 2 hours. It made my ears hurt. It gave me a headache sometimes. The prime reason is its tight and uncomfortable fit.
In short:

  • It has fixed microphone.
  • It’s not good for a long gaming session.
  • The fit is too tight.


The best part of the headset is its sound quality. I can enjoy my games well. I hear opponents’ drop, footsteps, and other sounds clearly. Microphone and game presets are also new things in this headset. It provides audio customization so I can adjust it based on the noise level of my environment. This is quite a tournament headset. It offers microphone monitoring, chat mix, and mute controls. These are boosters for a gaming experience.

To put it simply, I enjoy its design and sound. It’s also a simple headset. All of the features are worth the money. I know there are many similar headsets on the market. My choice will be the turtle beach ear force xo four. I don’t mind if I can’t hear myself talk while wearing it. It doesn’t a big deal. My friends will hear me yelling without me knowing it. That will be fun.

The quality is worth the price. This headset is meant for the X-Box One, for sure. It comes with the required adapter to work nicely with the controller. I need to take my time to get used to its audio volumes. However, it works nicely. The sound is fantastic. I will recommend it for everyone who needs to boost their gaming experience.

This headset will be the best audio upgrade for the Xbox One console. It delivers the best quality sound. That means I can enjoy it in a perfectly for music, games, movies, and TV. I can stay connected with my pals either through Skype and Xbox LIVE. The combination of speaking clarity and crisp chat audio has nothing to compare.
In overview:

  • It’s simpler than wired headsets.
  • The sound is crisp.
  • The design is good.
  • It comes with a microphone.

Bottom Line

In summary, I’m quite impressed with turtle beach ear force xo four. This item enhances my Xbox One gaming experience. I can connect it to my console easily. There are many features that I can enjoy. These include the sound fine-tune and audio controller. The item also comes with chat volume mix controls and bass booster. I can ensure my commands and emotions are heard through the internet with the microphone. Overall, it has durability, sound quality, and convenient features. Even though the microphone isn’t quite flexible, it doesn’t really matter to me. This item will take my games to the next level.

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