Typing fast on your HP Pavilion DV6 Keyboard with one hand

Typing is an important skill in this day and age, and fast typers have a huge advantage over other people when it comes to getting a job. There are many different techniques to learn how to type. However the easiest way is to incorporate typing into your regular routine.




1. Buy a good HP Pavilion DV6 Keyboard( http://www.papatek.com/HP-Keyboard/HP-Pavilion-DV6-Keyboard-Glossy.html ). Some people like the feel of laptop keyboards while other people like the feel of pushing big, chunky keys.

2. Start with typing out small texts such as comments and blogs on websites such as Myspace and YouTube. This helps you familiarize yourself with the position of the letters on the keyboard. It’s okay if you have to use two fingers to type at first; the goal here is only to learn where keys are located.

3. Email people instead of calling them or using snail mail. This will give you time to learn how to write longer amounts. By typing for a little bit everyday, you will develop typing stamina.

4. When you feel that you have given yourself time to learn to the positions of letters on the keyboard and have developed stamina, join an online chat program. Try to spend a little bit of time everyday interacting with the other people online.



* Learning to type without any formal instruction can take up to two years. If you want to learn faster, look into taking classes from a software program like Mavis Beacon or in-person classes that may be offered by your town or city.

* Using proper posture when you type can help you learn faster. Keep your fingers curved in a claw shape. Also try to sit up straight, especially when you are first learning.

* Put some music on your ipod and try and type out the lyrics in time with the music. Start with something slow before you graduate up to Lil Wayne.


On the phone and still need to type something on the computer? Only have one hand free? This is how to do it!


There are three things you need to know below:


Fisrt: Check that you know where all the keys on the HP Pavilion DV6 Keyboard are by heart, so you have to look down at it as little as possible.

Second: For right-handers, spread your hand out on the keyboard so that your index finger is on the ‘F’ key and your pinkie is on the ‘:’ key. For left-handers, put your index on the ‘J’ and your pinkie on the ‘A’. This way you will minimize the time needed for ‘hunting and pecking’.

Third: Start typing! Use all of your fingers when typing, not only your index finger. And keep all your fingers more or less on the keyboard at all times. Use your thumb to space.


The following is what you need pay attention to when you type with one hand

* If you have an ergonomic keyboard which is split between the hands, you may have a little trouble typing with these instructions. In this case, instead of hitting ‘f’ and ‘;’ try hitting ‘g’ and ‘k’; be warned – you may have to jump around a lot more than if you have a one piece keyboard.

* Typing with one hand may be much slower than typing with two.

* Avoid ‘hunting and pecking’ – using only the index finger to ‘peck’ out letters. This is very slow and not recommended.

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