Typing With Bluetooth
After a while, we had customers who just liked to stare, so we got the screen, but with no keyboard. And now, we have a keyboard with no screen!
Technology is interesting. First, we had a basic computer, which came with a monitor, processor, and keyboard. Initially, computers were large enough to fill a room. Then, they got progressively smaller until you could only access your typing keys with a toothpick.
The mini wireless Bluetooth keyboard is designed to work with cell phones and tablet PCs. It is larger than the teeny weeny typing sections squashed onto smart phones in an attempt to make them smart, and it works with Bluetooth 2.0.
With dimensions of 115 by 60 by 9mm, its deliciously portable and can fit just about anywhere. You can take it wherever your cell phone or tablet goes. It saves you the agony of squinting at your letter keys or hurting your fingers when trying to type an email or text message. Its quite light, and because it is Bluetooth enabled, it works at a distance of up to 10 metres away from the screening device.
The alphabet on this keyboard is arranged in QWERTY format, which makes it infinitely easier to use than a standard cell phone key pad. But the keyboard is smaller than a standard sized one which could hardly fit in your pocket or handbag. Plus, its Bluetooth, which just makes it uber cool.
Because its such a small gadget, it needs protective packaging, but this packaging is pocket friendly too in terms of size. It measures a mere 142 x 87 x 54mm, which is slightly smaller than a geometric set, though its far lighter and prettier. The keyboard is compatible with myriad electronics including the iPad, various cell phones, PS3, and all generations of the iPhone. It functions smoothly on operating systems like Microsoft Windows Mobile, some versions of Symbian S60, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It also runs on the inbuilt operating systems for Mac and Linux.
This gorgeous little keyboard contains 49 keys, and it can be used for up to 50 hours at a time without tiring it out. A work schedule is likely to exhaust the user though. When not in use, the keyboard has a standby time of up to 400 hours.
The Bluetooth keyboard has a built-in lithium battery which is charged via USB ports. To charge the device, you plug it into your phone, computer, iPod or MP3 device, and then attach that to a power source for charging. The keyboard cant be charged directly on a socket. This is convenient, because it eliminates the need for a power cable in the keyboards packaging, so it can fit in a much smaller space.
This magnificent piece of machinery can be ordered online and comes with a free shipping deal. Free your fingers and let this keyboard work your joints. It may save you from premature arthritis.

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