zelotes-t90Zelotes t90 is a gaming mouse which delivers high on efficiency and performance when it comes to game playing. Whether one uses this gaming mouse for games or for browsing, it charms the user with a vast number of features that it has to offer.

Specifications of Zelotes T90:

The Zelotes t90 is a high performance gaming mouse which is loaded with high technology features and functions. These functions are meant to make the gaming experience smooth and happy for the gamer. The product comes in the size specifications of 130x81x40 mm with a counterweight of 8×2.5 gram tuning weight. This gaming mouse comes with customized dpi switch- 1000/1600/2400/3200/5500/8000. The polling rate is 500 Hz and acceleration 23g with FPS of 6666. It comes with USB interface with 1.8m braided fibre cable. The switch life is 800 million times and optical type is red wave. The product is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP, Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS and other OS. This gaming mouse comes with 13 types of LED light modes which can be turned off if one wants. This high configuration mouse has an ergonomic design for long duration gaming. There are also 8 built in weights which can be adjusted according to what suits the user.

A consumer opinion:

The mouse that a person uses be it for solely gaming reasons or for browsing, be it a wired or wireless one or for a left hander or right hander user, needs to be high quality and high efficiency product. Regardless of the purpose, the focus has got to be on the good quality of the product with the cost coming in as second priority. Here, the Zelotes t90 gaming mouse comes up packed with user friendly features which might call perfectly balanced. There are some cons also which must be brought into light for an informed buying experience.

Disadvantages of zelotes t90:

The gaming mouse that we are using here displays a smooth tracking movement while using but can do better with improved sensors. Some users found the sensors to be not that strong and the mouse needs a mouse pad for it. The other disadvantage that came into light is that there is a lack of instructions, especially for a new user. This leads to confusion about how to program the buttons and to really know which DPI setting one is in. Also, the mouse does perform smoothly but still does not feel sturdy like its more expensive counterparts. The Zelotes t90 could have done better with a little more weight.

Advantages of zelotes t90:

When I used Zelotes t90 gaming mouse, the first thing that struck me was the comfortable palm grip of the mouse in my hand. This is a comparatively larger mouse which perfectly fits in the hand of the user and those who prefer this would definitely notice it. The other attractive feature of this gaming mouse is the hoard of LED light colours that can be adjusted or switched off as per the desire of the user. The lighting and brightness of the mouse does add charm to it. Apart from this the tracking performance of this gaming mouse is just perfect and indeed very smooth. The high 8000 DPI makes it so effective and efficient at the same time. Also, the easy DPI switching with one button click with LED indicators is another important aspect of Zelotes gaming mouse. Other than great feel in the hand and high performance displayed by the gadget, smaller things such as braided cable give the whole unit a neater look. For the money that one pays for this gaming mouse, it is indeed a good buy.




It is a good bet for its cost of under $20

Adjustable weights

Good grip and traction

LED breathing lights


Not too sensitive; needs a mouse pad

Does not feel sturdy enough

A final word:

The advantages of this high precision gaming mouse are way stronger than its disadvantages. All in all packs a power performance under $20. It is definitely a great buy, especially for the affordable cost it is available for and the features that it offers to the people who love to game.


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