On this page you will find many products for your gaming experience.
In short overview you will see which products you can find here:

Me and my team tested all products you can find on this page and we

checked all products for there streghts and weaknesses to give you a detailed information.
You will also find charts with information about the features of every product and a rating
with up to 10 stars.

Here I want to show you the criteria I take to check a Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse Check:

The most necessary thing for a gaming mouse is the ergonomic.
If you have a bad ergonomic you will get problems with your health.
Also the mouse need a good quality that it will work for a long time.
The number of buttons are also an important aspect.
Software for programming the mouse is most time required and
so we checked the setting and the usage of workload.

Gaming Keyboard Check:redragon-indrah-k555-rgb-keyboard

Like at the mouse the ergonomic is really important for the wellness while working or playing.
So this is the first point to look at. The second point is the lightning of the keyboard.
It is really comfortable if the keys are backlighted so you can find the buttons also in low light and
in the darkness. The pressure point and the quality are here an visual focus.
Programmable buttons are especially for games most time vital and so we take a look on this.
And for programming you also need software and keep the usage of workload in view.

Gaming Headset Check:


Find your gaming headset

The views on the gaming headset are others. First we take a look on the fit on the head.
The second one is to check the weight of the headset and the heatgeneration after a hour.
Also we check the quality and processing of the headphone. The sound quality and the quality of the
microphone have a big point of view. And also the control of sound most time on the ear caps but
likewise on the cable are a point in the checklist.

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