Prevent Laptop Keyboard From Dust

Referring to internet café bar, the first impression is dirty. What about your computer at home? Are they as clean as you expected? Have your ever check it? To tell the truth, there are tens of thousands bacteria attaching on the computer, especially the keyboard. As the keyboard in my office, it turns to shinning color. But some parts are attached by thick dust. I think it’s not my personal stuff. So I seldom clean it initially unless it affects the usage.

Once I have read a report, it’s said that most people have no idea of how to clean laptop keyboard. Though it looks black or not so dirty, there is trash hidden under the keys. As we can see, the keyboard has many fillings between two keys. It’s the shelter of bugs’ body, hair, snacks and crumbs. People hardly realize the dust under the key. If you tap your keyboard on the back, you will see amazing stuff falling out from the keyboard.

Some people may think it’s the problem of the desktop. My dell 6000 Keyboard and Dell B130 Keyboard are the best examples. They take on a black look after half a year. They had some second hand smoke. They drank what I drank. And they have the crumbs that I ate left. Some beetles used to sleep there forever. my friend used to give me advise to have a protective film. I didn’t take it as important as it could. Then I have this HP DV9000 Keyboard back to its original place. And a new one has taken me sixty bucks. It’s really out of my expectation.

And the experts suggested that I should buy a protective film. While I used my laptop, the film can prevent the crumbs falling into the filling. As the climate turns cooler and cooler, there is no side effect on overheating.  Whether the dust is visible or not, we should clean it once a week.  In this case, our keyboard is under a clean circumstance.

Whatever Gateway 8011381R Keyboard or HP 441541-001 Keyboard, they are no more than 90 dollars. But it’s still a large sum of money for many people. as long as we take it carefully, we will save more.

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