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Choosing a Gamer’s Keyboard

Choosing a Gamer's Keyboard If you want to make the most of your video gaming experience, a gamer's keyboard will help you a long way. There are many types of keyboards, as you may already know so it can seem difficult for some people to choose the right one for them. PC gamers will spend [...]

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Ideazon-Zboard To Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Ideazon-Zboard To Enhance Your Gaming Experience A gaming keyboard is very essential when you spend hours in front of the computer playing games. A good gaming keyboard can enhance your gaming skills and take your gaming experience to a different level altogether. You can buy these electronics online by browsing through various keyboards and finding [...]

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Watertight Keyboard – Why?

Watertight Keyboard - Why? A waterproof keyboard is necessary as you well know if you have ever been in to a manufacturing facility, even a general manufacturer has heaps of dust on the production line and if a ordinary keyboard was there, this would undoubtedly be damaged by the grime on the plant area. This [...]

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Typing With Bluetooth

Typing With Bluetooth After a while, we had customers who just liked to stare, so we got the screen, but with no keyboard. And now, we have a keyboard with no screen! Technology is interesting. First, we had a basic computer, which came with a monitor, processor, and keyboard. Initially, computers were large enough to [...]

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Prevent Laptop Keyboard From Dust

Prevent Laptop Keyboard From Dust Referring to internet café bar, the first impression is dirty. What about your computer at home? Are they as clean as you expected? Have your ever check it? To tell the truth, there are tens of thousands bacteria attaching on the computer, especially the keyboard. As the keyboard in my [...]

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